Monday, April 20, 2009

Let's go fly a kite...

I've been pretty swamped lately with work, gymnastics, life and my new found love for "Facebook". I apologize for all of my followers for my pitiful postings lately. Let me try to catch you all up....
A few weeks ago, my brother, Philip, and Lucia came home from Baltimore for a long weekend. It was one of those beautiful weekends! Nonna and Pop got the girls kites, which they couldn't wait to try out. Here, Libby and Lucia pose with the kites.

Pop with 2 of his 3 girls. I laugh when I look at this picture because I think about Dad's story from the week before (when we were in Vegas). Libby was on the swing and Dad was pushing her...she was saying "weee". Always knowing what she wants, Libby then turned to Dad and said, "Now, I'll push you and you say weeee". I laugh out loud every time I picture my dad with his hands in the air screaming "Weeee!" just to appease her. What a great Pop!

Speaking of great Pops, check out the ride he gave the girls on the tractor! Lucia was scared and asked him to stop, but Libby kept on going. She loved it when he lifted the bucket up and down. What a little Tom Girl!

It was a great day for kite flying, as Pop showed the girls.

And the wind made it easy to blow bubbles!