Sunday, April 5, 2009

Easter Sunday

Libby sporting her Easter dress getting ready to hunt eggs at Nonna & Pop's house. It was such a beautiful day and Libby was very into finding the eggs!Me, Gary & Libby
Nonna & Pop with their little girl.
Not a very lady-like pose, but here she is getting ready for the hunt....
Finding her first egg.
She loved walking around the yard. The Easter Bunny didn't hide them too hard (except for the 2 with money it them for Mommy & Daddy!)'s one.
After finding all of the eggs, we headed inside for the traditional Easter brunch...ham, eggs and the best Cinnamon rolls on earth! I love these rolls and still don't know why Nonna just makes them once a year...I could eat them every day!
After breakfast, we headed outside for the rest of the afternoon, playing with the Frisbee that Nonna & Pop got Libby Grace. Pop must have thrown that thing 100 times to Libby.

Finally, he began helping her catch it. She closed her eyes every time, so he'd catch it and put it in her hands just in time for her to think that she caught it herself...sneaky, sneaky, sneaky!