Thursday, December 25, 2008

Nonna & Pop's House

We are going to be celebrating Christmas with Mom and Dad on Saturday when Philip and
Amanda get into town, but after our much needed afternoon nap, we ran out to Mom and Dad's for dinner and a visit. Libby Grace and Nonna made me a present!
While we were in the living room watching "A Christmas Story", Nonna and Libby were in the kitchen planting me an Amaryllis flower.
She even wrapped it for me!Libby's patience was getting the best of her when she asked Pop if she could have a present that was under the tree. In Libby's defense, she had opened over 50 presents for the day and didn't understand why we had to wait until Saturday to open more! Nonna let her open one of her stocking stuffers! The whistle was a hit! Good thing we left it at Nonna and Pop's house! Libby gets her noodle eating abilities from her Momma who can eat a bowl of Nonna's noodles for every meal! Libby licked the bowl clean, man, Nonna makes great noodles!