Saturday, December 27, 2008

Hoehn Cousin Party

Saturday was our 5th Annual Hoehn Cousin Party. This gathering was developed at the funeral of my grandmother, when my brother and a few cousins feared that her passing would mark the end of the large family get togethers that once took place. My mom is one of 12 children, making up a total of 33 first cousins on the Hoehn side. Only those who have graduated from high school are invited to this competition, complete with games, brackets and the convented Hoehn Cup! We had a record turn out this year, with 14 first cousins (and spouses).
Me, Ashley and Shena Drawing number to see who was going to fall into which bracket. This year, the games were Euchre, Golden Tee, Pool and Jenga. Jenga got harder as the night went on, especially after drinking the Hoehn Hooch. Above, Scott, Jeremy and Gibby. Me and Jill's boyfriend battled it out...setting the first record of the night of 31 pieces. Gibby, Lucas and our 31 block tall tower (I was secretly hoping Gibby would knock it down during this photo so it wouldn't be my turn). Me and Laura played pool.......she won (even though she was picking balls up and putting them into the pockets!)
After many hours of playing, Jason won the coveted Hoehn Cup! Gary had won it for the previous 2 years, and hated to part with it, but happily handed it over to one of the newest additions to the Hoehn family.