Saturday, May 31, 2008

Biker Babe

After Gary's 3rd trip to the licence branch to get a plate for his bike (don't ask!!), he washed it off in the driveway. Libby has suddenly become fascinated with it. Every time she and I pull into the garage, she points to it..."Daddy's Bike!", then "Daddy's Hat" (pointing at his helmet).

This sudden love for Daddy's bike excites us...not that we really want her to be a 'biker babe' or anything, but simply because she used to be so scared of it. When Pop (my dad) would ride his Harley over, she would freak out and scream. We assume that it's because of how loud it is and how funny/scary they look with their helmets on.

Nonetheless, she has fallen in love with "Daddy's Bike". She has began to ask me, "Libby ride Daddy's Bike?". I quickly put my foot down....Momma's usual response? "No way, Jose!"


The Cissells said...

I love her face in the last picture.