Monday, May 19, 2008

Dr. Libby Banet, DVM

Tonight, Libby decided to take after her cousin, the "real" Dr. Banet, DVM and experiment with her Animal Hospital. Here, she was giving her teddy bear a full exam.
She loved to "listen" to our (and Killian's) hearts. She would hold the stethoscope to our chests and then say, "Boom, Boom".
Killians was a good sport for most of his exam, but when it came time for her to evaluate his pearly whites, he drew the line. What a good little vet she will make, one day....and hey, they wouldn't have to change the sign at "Hillside Animal Clinic".


The Cissells said...

You are such a genius, Libby Banet. When are your office hours? Chloe needs her 1 year check up.

The Rougeux's said...

Does she give any kind of discount?