Saturday, May 3, 2008

Talk Derby To Me!

This year for Derby, Shannon, Kevin, Sarah & Shawn had a big party at their houses. They are next door neighbors, so it was the perfect set up! Shawn & Sarah had an awesome tent (which helped with the wind!) and Shannon & Kevin had 2 huge jumpers for the kids. Add two port-a-pots, a full sized pig on a grill as big as our first house, and it was a recipe for a great time! Libby enjoys the warm weather.
The guys put the pig on about 5 am and tended to it all day long. When it came time for pulling the pork apart, the girl's help got enlisted.
Princess Kayla takes a break from dress up to eat a cup of strawberries.
Libby & her boyfriend, TJ, can barley see over the table, but are determined to chow down some pork and mac & cheese!
Libby liked the jumper (but only for a few minutes). Lucky for her, she was already gone for the night when the adults decided to get in it--poor Kayla was not so lucky.Sophia & Amy try to warm up by playing a little ball. Thanks, guys! We all had a great time...and Gary won $100 on the race!



Love the picture of Princess Kayla!