Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Following Directions

Gary & I are so impressed with how well Libby has been doing at gymnastics, lately! It seems that her language has exploded over the past week or so--both in speaking and in understanding. Miss Kelly told us tonight to try to tell her (just with words) what to do during class ("Point your toes", "Crawl under this", etc) and much to our amazement, she was doing pretty good! You may note the pink polish on her little fingers! Is she girly or what??

She likes the balance beam, but usually walks up it holding our hands. Tonight, we were told to ask her to crawl up it and then slide down into this block thing. She loved it! We think we are going to change our plans a little and sign her up for next session, too, since she is doing so well! She loves seeing the big kids there, too!!


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