Saturday, August 16, 2008

White Girls Can't Jump

Libby & Sophia started back to Gymnastics this week! It's amazing how much more coordinated they are this time...not to mention how much more well behaved! Here they are, ready for their first lesson with Miss Shelly! This is Libby's 3rd session--well, 4th if you count the time we showed up and we were the only person in the class (we had to drop out of that one!). The previous sessions, Libby had Miss Kelly for an she was a bit disappointed that her new instructor was Miss Shelly...but really, they sound the same when she says, no harm done.
Libby & Sophia wait patiently for their turn to run down the trampoline "road". Libby still cannot jump like the other kids. She puts her hands in the air and bends her knees, and says "jump", but really does not go anywhere. We hope she will develop that skill this go-round.
Climbing up and over herself. Momma's so proud!

Daddy spotting her on the high beam. Look out, Olympics 2020!

Look at her cute expression. She is really thinking hard about this one!