Saturday, August 16, 2008

A Happy Little Camper

It was an amazing day today, so Gary, Libby & I decided to ride down to Nonna & Pop's camp for the day. As soon as we got there, Nonna was breaking fresh green beans for tonight's pitch-in. Libby (as you know) loves to help cook, so she ran over and immediately started helping break beans. She did great! She never lost interest in the task and stood on the porch and helped Nonna until they were all gone (break two, eat one--there's more than one way to do it!)
Libby is so proud of her finished product.
After we ate lunch, the boys took off on their bikes for a few hour ride. It was beautiful weather, and they had a blast cursing and site seeing West Baden and French Lick. While they were gone, Libby, Nonna & I took a golf cart ride and Libby took a nice long nap--allowing Nonna and I to catch up on our gossip and paint our toenails.Beaver and Kathy's grandson, Harrison, was down for the weekend. He was 2 in April, so not much older than Libby. They played together so well! Here they are on their first date.

After dinner, they continued to play in the rocks. They scooped and poured and threw and piled rocks! Needless to say, Libby was filthy and needed a bath...

...but Nonna & Pop got rid of their bathtub and put in a shower when the remodeled the cabin. What is a girl to do? Yup, plop down in Nonna's wash tub in the shower (A few more weeks and she won't be able to fit in there, again!)

We barely made it out of the gate when Libby sacked out for the night..with a full belly and clean toes! There was a pretty sunset in the background as we drove home. What a great day! Thanks for having us, Nonna & Pop!


Shannon @ Gabi's World said...

That is a great attention span for someone of her age! I can't get my teenager to help that long! Go Libby!