Friday, August 22, 2008

Friday night (High)Lites

After we went to dinner with the Cissells, we headed off to our second gymnastic lesson. Libby is still doing well with most of the class. She does not really care for the beginning "warm up" session (she would rather spend the time running around and doing flips) but she tries to listen and follow direction. I am pretty sure that her Daddy is going to teach her to jump this weekend, if it's the last thing he does....Here, Sophia and Libby look like they are doing the Macarena. Really, they are just jumping around on a mat.
Daddy helps Libby do a flip. You'll see someone pointing in the right of the photo. I am not sure, but I think it's a scout from the 2020 Olympic team. I'll keep you posted when we hear from them. Sophia doing the butterfly.
Libby crawling through the tunnel.
Miss Shelly took Libby down the slide because she said, "It's too daaaarrrrrk". Check out SGC in the background!
All of that movin' and shaking makes for a thirsty girl!


The Aguilars said...

That top picture is too cute. Love the matching ponytails. Do they go to the same stylist?


Libby will be like the Chinese if she is in the 2020 Olympics. She would be 14 no 16.