Saturday, August 23, 2008

Horsing around with her cousins

Saturday afternoon after Libby's nap, we went out to Gary's sister's house to play, swim, see the new pony and eat dinner. It didn't take Libby long to hop on the back of Josie's 4-wheeler and go for a little spin. Looks like Blane has done this a time or two, also. Here they are with Papa Banet.The Young's had a new colt born this week. They named her "Katie Precious". She is so tiny and sweet. Here is her proud Momma, Ginger. Libby looks so funny (and city-like) with her glasses on next to her dressed-in-a-diaper cousin, Blane.
Libby, Josie and Ginger.
The cousins
Kevin & Angie may quite possibly have the neatest set up of anyone I know. On their property, they have a barn and pasture, a tennis court and a new man-made lake. Kevin personally laid all of the rock around the lake and built their very own "beach". It was so cool! Libby had more fun in the sand than in the water.
Libby & Blane swimming by themselves. I was only in the water for 2.2 seconds when Kevin warned me that the fish bit--and that I'd have to keep swimming around. I didn't think much about it, being very familiar with lake water/fish (but I didn't have my Gar-protectors on, Jill). Just about the time I thought Kevin was trying to "scare" me, I got a chunk of skin taken off the back of my leg by a fish. These things were vicious. I was trying so hard not to be negative or appear scared, because I didn't want Libby to become scared of the water---but damn, those things hurt!! It didn't take me long to find a raft to float on and keep those things away! What a fun night!



I can't believe you forgot to wear them, man you are getting cityfied. It's hard not to appear scared when you really don't like it!