Thursday, August 28, 2008

Shena turns 25!

After Gary got finished with his scramble, he came over to spend the rest of the evening with us. Libby was starting to wind down, so I headed out to Shena & Gibby's apartment for Shena's 25th birthday party. It was so funny! They had T-shirts made (yes, that's Shena on a quarter--since she turned 25), had "gifts" for everyone (Libby got a new baby doll thanks to Scott that may make her more culturally diverse. Here we are early in the night.
Shena wearing Gibby's pilot hat and Gibby eating what was the best cake EVER!
We had a great night--which was made complete when Gibby and I slow danced--practicing for the upcoming wedding. Happy Birthday, Gayle. We love you!