Saturday, August 2, 2008

Dave Matthews "Crashes" at Slugger Field

Gary's firm, always the one to graciously hand out perks to it's staff, gave us 2 infield tickets to the Willie Nelson/Dave Matthews concert last night! As always, the firm did it up right with tailgating in the parking lot before the concert (complete with Chic-fil-A and all you could drink). Gary & I met up with Kristin & Jeremy (and her sister and brother-in-law) to find our seats in the infield. Here, we wait in the forever long beer line.
Kristin & Jeremy---aren't they cute?
Our infield seats turned out to be really good. I first was a bit disappointed to find out that we didn't have real "seats", but later discovered that the first-come-first-serve, stand up next to drunk folks was the way to go!
Yeah, that's Dave. It was decent, but (truth be known) I was a little disappointed. DMB had a ton of "radio" songs that we all could sing along with....why didn't they play one that we knew? Crash...What would you say...Ants Marching....Would that have been too much to ask? He did play one song we knew--"Burning down the House", but sorry to say that was not even a DMB song!
The highlight of my night? Yup, you guessed it--running into Kevin Harned, meteorologist for WAVE-3 News.


thebanetfamily said...

I stand corrected. Gary & I left early so that we could walk back to his office and avoid the crowd. Amy & Cory stayed for the whole concert and said that he closed with "Ants are Marching" and a few other songs from the "Crash" I guess he did play some songs we knew. Too bad we missed it!