Sunday, January 21, 2007

Celebrating Libby's 1/2 Birthday!

Can you believe it? Libby was 6 months old yesterday! These months have flown by and have been so full of excitement! I started the day by going to "Great Plates" Meal Creation Station on Charlestown Road. It's was the grand opening, so Amy & I made Italian Crusted Port Cutlets for free! The way it works, they have all of the ingredients, directions and dishes available for you. The idea is that they do all of the planning, prep work and clean up for you and you take your uncooked (but prepared) dinner home with you to freeze and make another day. Pretty smart, I think. Our Pork was really good and I plan on going back again!

We went out to dinner with our best friends, JP & Jill (and Kayla), Shannon & Kevin (and Allie) and JP's co-worker Trevor & his wife Rachell (and Hannah). JP & Jill got to KT's first, and said when they got to our reserved table, the host had set up all 4 highchairs on one end of the table and the chairs on the other. Wouldn't that have been a great dinner? Unfortunately, Jill had it all rearranged by the time we got there (we were a few minutes late because Gary had to watch the end of the IU game--Go Hoosiers!)
We decided to celebrate Libby's 1/2 birthday. Someone suggested ordering 1/2 of a cake, and singing 1/2 of the birthday song. She was more interested in her sweet potato & corn combo!

When Life Gives you Lemons...Make a Silly Face!

After dinner, we all decided to go back to JP & Jill's house and visit their bar, "The Coconut Monkey". It was there that we discovered the pink sunglasses, and took turns trying them on.

Goob at the Coconut Monkey proudly displaying his drink of choice.
Libby is looking at the world thru rose colored glasses. Isn't that a song?

Shannon & Libby Strike a pose!

Allie & Kayla loved to ride their bikes! In the background, Gary & Goob try to figure out email on their cell phones at the Coconut Monkey.

Finally, a beautiful Sunset captured by Gary on Jill's camera (we have no idea why this shot of the wall turned out like this!). I forgot my camera--amazing, I know!--so thank you to Jill for emailing me all of these great photos! We all had such a good time!


The Cissells said...

Happy 1/2 Birthday Libby!! We love you.