Sunday, January 21, 2007

Hello, Dolly!

Libby & I went over to Mom's tonight to practice for our church Lip-sic. Seven of us are going to be the "Von-Hoehn-Trap" family, and be preforming the "So Long, Farewell" song from "The Sound of Music". It's going to be pretty funny, and a whole lot less embarrassing than last year's "We are family" done in pig costumes!

Libby was so curious about Mom's cat, Dolly. She is used to the big dogs and didn't know what to think about a furry friend that was her size. For the most part, Dolly was pretty good, but after a few grabs from Libby, she got fed up and ran off. I have never seen Libby crawl so much tonight! She really seemed to have it down...both hand and leg motions...chasing Dolly!

My cousin, Derek, was a great help with Libby as we practiced our routine. She loved to chew on the strings from his hoodie. They were soaking wet by the end of the evening! Isn't this picture so cute?!?



I would love to see your routine!! Do you think you can put a video of it on your blog????

DENISE said...

What a cute cousin...