Friday, January 19, 2007

Break on Thru to the Other Side

Thanks guys! You know, those of you who secretly cursed me under
your breath when you read my last blog entry bragging about
how great Libby sleeps. The night after that entry
was posted, she decided to prove me wrong, waking up every
several hours to nurse and/or cry. The next night the same.
Mema, our resident baby expert, says that
she is getting teeth, so we hope she is right....verses
Libby going back to her old sleeping habits! She is
doing all of the tale-tell signs....drooling, chewing on everything,
going on a hunger strike and flipping out if you think about
touching her face. Needless to say, we have
been singing some "Doors" to hurry the little
pearly whites along---"Break on thru to the other Side!"
After a little Tylenol and Ora-gel, Libby slept much better
last night and was up early this morning helping her Daddy
pay some online bills. Off to Mema's for a few hours
so Mommy can go get her pearly whites checked out.