Sunday, January 28, 2007

An Afternoon with Pop

Libby & I went out to Mom & Dad's house before we went to the funeral home on Saturday. We had not seen Dad for a few weeks, and she could not get enough of him! She literally would not take her eyes off of Pop while she was eating, playing or being held. She loved to touch his goatee. Like last week, she was crazy about Dolly, too. Dolly let Libby pet her head, but swatted at her when she was on the floor playing with her (she does not have any claws).

In our unending attempt to keep up with the Seng's, we bought Libby her own pair of pink sunglasses. She left them on for a short while and then looked so cute when she had the stem of one side hanging out of her mouth. So grownup! Finally, we took them away from her when she was using it to test her gag reflex (it works just fine, thank you)!

You look Marvelous!


The Cissells said...

You look fabulous dahling. Libby, you get cuter every day.


Can't we have anything that you don't have to have?

Glad to know we are the people to keep up with.