Friday, March 16, 2007

It's March Madness, Baby!

Okay, well the title of this blog entry isn't cute unless you say it with your best Dick Vitale impression. Go ahead, try it. Better, isn't it? As you know, IU defeated Gonzaga 70-57 in the first round of the NCAA Tournament last night. Gary and I stayed up until 12:00 watching the game, so I am sure that there are other Hoosiers that are fighting to keep their eyes open at their desk today! I snapped this picture of Libby mid-clap. She's a IU fan already!

Another irresistible photo of Libby in her IU Cheerleader uniform. Thanks to Kayla for letting Libby borrow it! She was not able to stay up for the tip off of IU, and amazingly so, slept thru all of the screaming at our house during the Duke vs. VCU game. VCU, who? Yeah, that screwed up all of our brackets, but who cares....DUKE LOST! IU plays again Saturday, but our basement remodeling won't be done to host a party...I guess it doesn't matter, IU always looses when we have people over to watch the game. Go Hoosiers!



Libby sure looks cute in my outfit! Love, Kayla