Saturday, March 17, 2007

IU Game Night

IU played UCLA in the second round of the NCAA Tourney this evening. We went over to Shannon & Kevin's to watch the game. The game started out very slow, but ended up being an exciting nail-biter towards the end. Unfortunately, IU lost, but Kayla & Libby still looked pretty darn cute in their Cheerleader outfits!

Here, Shannon & Allie take advantage of the slow parts of the game to get a few sets in on the "Ab-Lounger". Quite the workout!

JP & TJ....Such cuties.

Yeah, I think that Lilly needs more sugar! Go ahead, Goob, give it to her!

Libby was playing with the Fisher Price digital camera of Allies. Just what you all fear....She is going to grow up to be just like me!!