Friday, April 13, 2007

Girl's Night

Amy, Joni, Jill, Shannon & I went out for our monthly "girl's night" on Friday the 13th. Superstition didn't hold us back from having a great time! We started the evening having dinner at Rocky's on the River.
After dinner, we headed down to Fourth Street Live. The girls stand next to the "Street Closed, Party's Open" sign.

We went to "Howl at the Moon". A fun piano bar on Forth Street. Here, we hung out, sang along with the music and chatted.

When I went to buy our first round of drinks, the bartender mistook Joni for someone who called her a name earlier on in the night. She almost didn't serve us, and then harassed Joni & Jill when the went to buy the second round of drinks. The girls & I were fuming mad after this, and asked to speak to the manager. Shortly after asking to speak the manager, the bartender sent us 10 free Bud lights to apologize for the mistaken identity. Apology excepted....and thanks for the drinks.
The drinking didn't stop there. Another round of free drinks headed our way---a round of orange & cherry jello shots out of a Tomey Syringe covered in whip cream. Delish. Please note that the photo above is one of the only pictures in existence of Shannon consuming alcholol. She did take the shot like a pro, though.

Amy & I pose for a picture.

After leaving Forth Street Live, we went to White Castle for a quick bite. What drunken evening would be complete without some Sliders and a Big Red? Thanks girls for a great night!



Thanks Angie for letting me steal your great pictures for my blog! I had a great time and I don't know if I can wait a month for another night out like this!