Sunday, April 1, 2007

Weekend at the Lake

After working our tails off last weekend around our house, we were looking forward to a weekend at the lake. Gary, Libby & I headed down Friday night for what was going to be a relaxing evening, before the Spring Cleaning was to begin on Saturday. When Gary turned on the water for the first time since we closed up last winter, he came inside stating "No good Goose", so strange remark from the movie Top Gun that he picked up from Kevin. A water leak is inevitable in an old lake house, especially one with pipes as old as the ones that are under the house! So, after a night with no water (luckily we had a few bottles of water for Libby), we welcomed Chris Saturday morning with open arms, hoping to have the water problem fixed in no time! Above, Libby and her daddy stand in the front yard.

Poor Chris spent the entire day Saturday under the house. After he would fix a leak, a new one would pop up. It was nearly 5 when he was finished and we got cleaned up at went to the Lodge for Dinner and to celebrate my birthday. Above, Keaton and Libby on the deck.

At the lodge, Libby found an Easter basket that was as big as she was! She loves to eat table food, and was stuffing her mouth, fist over fist, with hand fulls of chicken, fruit and veggies.

In addition to all of the remodeling at home that we are doing, we are also converting a walk-in closet at the camp into Libby's room (Please note, "we" basically means Gary's brother Chris). We took turns entertaining Libby during the weekend while we cleaned, pulled up old flooring and worked outside. It'll be great when all of the work is done and we can enjoy our weekends at the camp! Nonetheless, it was fun to spend the weekend together!



I was wondering what happened to you all this weekend. No blogging, no phone calls, not like Angie. We figured you must have went to the lake.

The Cissells said...

Glad you have been busy getting the lake house all fixed up for us. It looks beautiful there.