Sunday, June 3, 2007

Day at the Downs

Gary got a box at Churchill Downs from his firm, so we decided to spend the day (and our money) hanging out at the race track.
We had good seats---but our tip sheets that we had were terrible! Jill was the only winner for the entire day with a $4.80 win and a $14.80 win. She literally was the only one of us to cash a ticket! Horse betting just must not be our thing.
If anyone has ever gone anywhere with Shannon, you'll know that she pretty much knows everyone in Louisville/Southern Indiana. She knew one of the jockeys and one of the trainers of today's race. Here her and Goob pose by the lawn jockeys.
Photo op with big concrete horse #1

Photo op with big concrete horse #2. We had a good day and decided that we all should stick with our day jobs for money-making purposes.


themains said...

For all you horse lovers out there, the 7th race was close....and 9 won!

See you at Gamblers Anonymous!

The Cissells said...

Congratulations Jill!!! I guess you just gotta know when to hold and when to fold huh?