Saturday, June 9, 2007

Life's a Beach

Gary, Libby, Betsy & I went down to the lake for the weekend. It was so nice and relaxing! Saturday, we went out on the boat for a few hours. Libby is still so unsure about her huge life jacket...mainly because when she gets tired, she cannot suck on her thumb, since she cannot reach her mouth! We stopped off at the beach and got out of the boat for a while. We tried another jacket on Libby and she loved it! Gary and I got in the water with her and she really loved it!! Gary threw her up in the air, spun her in circles and let her kick her little legs. She had an absolute blast!

All of the swimming make Libby work up an appetite, so we took a quick snack-break. She loves her new Cheese Puffs that Miss Amy got for her! Now, if this isn't a Gerber photo, nothing is!

Now, with a belly full and Geoffrey in her arms (her little Giraffe blanket), Libby thought she might catch a few winks on her daddy's shoulder. How sweet! We thought she was going to take a nap, so we put her jacket back on, loaded up from the beach and headed back to the cabin. No such luck! That child will simply not sleep with her jacket on!


The Cissells said...

That may just be the cutest picture of Libby and Gary ever!!!
Glad you all had fun.