Friday, July 13, 2007

A day with our Best Buddies

After a shopping and lunch, the girls & I decided to burn a few calories in Amy & Cory's newly remodeled pool! Libby just loves the water, and the two girls loved us pushing them around, throwing them up in the air, playing bumper boats and splashing! Aren't they so sweet in their matching floats from Sophia's Mimi? Thanks, Linda!
Libby hamming it up for the photo!
Sophia's Aunt Julia sent the girls these matching rompers. They are so sweet and look like something straight out of 1984! You are all laughing because you know that we had those growing up too (mine was light green). Thanks, Julie! It is so darn cute!!


The Aguilars said...

The girls look just as cute as I imagined in their 80's jumpsuits!


I wish I would have got off my butt and called you all on Friday so I (well Kayla) could play.

thebanetfamily said...

Yeah, me too, Jill! Maybe next time! We'd love to have you!!!