Friday, September 21, 2007

Dinner with the Study Group

When Gary started Law School, he became close with a group of girls who were also in the same night program at U of L. He met with these girls on most Sundays to study for school and share outlines. He, being the only male, said that he always had to keep them 'on track' and focused on what they were doing, or else they just jabbered. We have met with this great group of people about every other month or so for dinner at one of our homes. This month it was Reva's turn, and she had a delusions spaghetti dinner with lots and lots of wine! Here the group and their hubbies chit-chat.
Libby loved the Redi-Whip that was suppose to go on the cheese cake!

Look at that belly!

Being at a house that is not used to having kids, we had to improvise to find toys for Libby to play with once she grew bored with what we brought. She thought it was funny to roll the exercise ball around and say "ball, ball, ball".