Saturday, September 15, 2007

Party of Five

Today we went to Shannon & Kevin's for 5 of our friend's little one's 3rd Birthday party. Allie, Kayla and the triplets, Ashlyn, Brooklyn & Carson all turned 3 within a few weeks of each other, so their parents decided to have a joint birthday party!

It was such a beautiful night, that we spent most of the evening outside so the kiddos could play. Libby, being the youngest of them all, is just now able to keep up with the big kids! She has just learned this week how to say "Cheese" when her photo is being taken! What a ham!

Above, you can see that the 1 year olds had a blast! Libby & TJ playing on the jumper, Sophia trying out the new slide, and TJ helping himself to some pizza!

The evening also included wagon & golf cart rides and lots & lots of sidewalk chalk!

Finally, it was time for PJ's and the U of L/ UK game. Allie & Libby drew us lots of pretty pictures! Happy Birthday, 3 year olds!!