Saturday, November 24, 2007


This evening, we went out to dinner with some friends before we went to the Main's to watch the IU game. Here Libby is all decked out in her IU cheer leading outfit!

We had "not-so-good" service at Rocky's because they were so busy. After they brought us our dinner, he didn't come by with the graded Parmesan cheese. JP helped himself to the grinder on the waitress' station, and filled our plates with freshly graded cheese. What a fine dining experience!The kids always have such a great time at Shannon & Kevin's house because Ally has more toys than "ToysRus"! Riding the train is always a big hit!Libby took a break from playing to watch some of the IU game with her Daddy. You may note that Goober has on his rally hat, since IU was getting beat.

Libby loving on Jill! She loves JP & Jill and thinks of them as an aunt & uncle since we are with them all of the time! Nice hair, Libby!


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