Friday, November 2, 2007

Other Photos from the Weekend....

Most of the gang before we left on Thursday afternoon.
The girls discussing their outfits at the "Old Tyme Photo" with our photographer, Tattoo Girl. You want me to wear this??
JP reenacting his fall out of his chair at the fancy restaurant during his attempt to "steal" Ricky Raccoon. You can't take him anywhere!
Put-Put at the go-cart place. It was such a beautiful day that it was nice to be outside! Shannon shows us all how it is done while Gary & Kevin discuss the next hole. Rock climbing at the go-cart place. They made it look easy. Shannon reved up and ready to go...there was some bumping & rubbing, a few hits into the wall, a bruise or two and a sore leg...but we had fun with the all-day pass! Amy posing next to a car at the go-cart place.
Shawn and his drink of choice (this was taken at 9am!) Relaxing at the Chalet.
Our first of many meals eating at separate tables...why can't people just pull two table together, I'll never know.
We put a hurting on our credit cards in Gap! Don't look too close at what Joni & I are might see a Christmas present or two!
The gang (minus Christian & Joni since they already were on the road) before we left. I just wanted to say a very special "Thanks" to my parents, Betsy, Ray & Mema for keeping Libby for us so we could enjoy a weekend away! It was much needed!