Monday, November 12, 2007

Say "Cheese"!

Carrie and I took the kids to the new portrait studio on Charlestown road, "CLICK" for a photo shoot. I had an idea to get a group photo of the grand kids for Betsy for Christmas. I was so pleased with this place! We got right in on our appointment time and were assisted by two nice young guys. They were excellent with the kids...and a few minutes after they took them, we got to look at them on the computer. A few minutes later, we had them in our hands and out the door! Quick & doesn't get any better than that! Carrie got Libby this outfit at the Gap last weekend to coordinate with the boy's sweaters. She looks so grown up!

This was one of my favorites! You can see her curls peeking out of the back of her head!

We decided that this one was so cute with Keaton, Carson & Libby that we got a huge canvas one made for Betsy for Christmas. Don't they look adorable??


Shena said...

These pics are BEAUTIFUL! Libby is so adorable!!

The Cissells said...

The pictures look really good. We will have to try them out...maybe at Christmas. I can't believe how long Libby's hair is. I love the curls.


Great pictures! I almost went there for Kayla's pictures but they didn't have an appointment time for when I wanted to go. Might have to try them out sometime.

Shannon **Gabi's Mom** said...

Great pictures! How was the prices?