Saturday, February 2, 2008

Saturday Swimming

Saturday was our 4th lesson at the YMCA. Since the girls new what to expect, the anxiously waited on the side of the pool until our instructor gave the "okay" to jump on in.
Mommy & Libby Grace enjoying some splash-time.
Libby was showing Mommy how she could do "Motor Boat" in the pool. She can blow bubbles pretty good, now (if she remembers to close her mouth, first!).
Mimi came with us today to watch Libby swim. Libby had a hard time focusing on what she was doing between blowing kisses and waving to her Mimi. I think she was impressed with her kicking, splashing and floating skills.
Look how cute Libby's BFF Sophia's bikini is! What a sweetheart!


The Cissells said...

What a great time! The girls are doing so well. I hate that next week is their last lesson. I wish it lasted a little longer.