Saturday, March 15, 2008

18 Month Shots

This morning, Gary & I drove out to Corydon so Libby could get her 18 month shots at Dr. Norton's. As you recall, it was the day of the first bad snow and we left early without the shots to make it home before it got too bad (you may recall that is the night we got in the wreck--we should have just stayed and got the shots!!) Here, Gary & Libby catch a few seconds of "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse". Could they look any more alike this this picture??
Libby inspects the fish (or "Fees-shh" as she calls them).It's really easier watching them this way.

Passing the time reading about shapes.

Libby did great this time with her shots. Right before Tabby gave them to her, I handed Libby my camera to look at (her new favorite toy) and she was so into it that she only cried for a second. She was such a great girl, that Daddy & Momma treated her (and us) to Cracker Barrel for breakfast. Here she masters the triangle game (what is that called?).

Look how serious she is while she places the T's.


The Cissells said...

Are you sure those weren't the 12 year old shots? She looks so grown up in her outfit. Nice bow, Libby. You're looking HOT!