Monday, April 21, 2008

Berry Twist Babe

After work, Gary & I decided to enjoy the beautiful weather and go to Berry Twist for dinner. I had the usual--tacos and Libby scarfed down a hot dog like she had not eaten all day. After she ate great, she got her frozen yogurt, as promised. She was so cute...with her glasses on eating a cone!
I dug back in the archives and pulled out this picture of Libby last year eating her first Berry Twist. She looks so tiny compared to now (yes, we have more than that one bib...I just happened to bring it this year, too!). Good 'til the last drop!



I love to see the before and after pictures! It shows how much they change in a year and you really see the difference. Libby you are so cute!

The Cissells said...

She looks like a movie star in those glasses. I bet she would fit right in at a NKOTB concert.