Monday, June 2, 2008

Lindsay's Graduation

Lindsay (Gary's Cousin) graduated from FCHS on Sunday. She will be going to IU this fall, and we are so very proud of her! No matter where Mema is...Libby is not far behind! She got her chair and pulled it up close to her Mema! They are crazy about each other!All of the Banet second cousins (well, all except the newest tiny baby Ella who was not there). From left to right...Libby, Ally, Harrison, Will, Josie, Lindsay, Blane, Lauren & Evan. We took a million, and this is the best I could get--sorry that Will was not looking!
Mema with all of her babies. Josie's hair bow was a little too tall, but I didn't notice until after I took the picture. I am hoping that one of the other parents got a better angle!
Gary's sister, Angie, and I tried for about 5 minutes to get the little ones (Libby, Blane and Will) to sit still for long enough for one picture of all of them together...this was the best that I got! They are each just a few months on earth did you do it, Joni??

My baby girl.


The Cissells said...

She looks beautiful in that blue dress. It is a really good color for her.