Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day at the Lake

This weekend has flown by like a blur! I got off of work early on Friday and headed home to get ready for Gary's former Study Group's dinner party. In law school, we got to be close to a group of people that he studied with each Sunday night. Since graduation, we take turns hosting a dinner party. First thing Saturday, we headed down to the lake. Mimi and "Mimi II" (Gary's Aunt Cheryl) met us down with Chris & Keaton.
Libby was such a good little girl! She loved the water and was able to "swim" on her own to daddy and back to Momma without being held. The water was so warm and perfect.
Look how pretty & clear it is!
Libby loves to help Daddy drive the boat and golf cart. She sat on his lap for a very long time as we cruised around the lake for the last weekend of the summer.
Keaton and Libby sharing some snacks on the boat.
Too cool, Libby!