Friday, September 12, 2008

Tumble Time

This week just flew by! It seems like Friday came so quickly and it was already Gymnastic time again! This week's lesson was really great! Libby did half of the lesson with me and the other half with Gary. Miss Shelly does not want more then 1 parent back at a time, so it was a perfect plan so we both could enjoy her! Here she poses with Sophia. Don't they look so darn cute in their Leos (Thanks for the red one, Dena!)? Libby looks so excited!
Check out the two best friends after class!
Gary was late getting out of work today, so we opted for dinner after class. I was worried how Libby would do since it was late, but since her friends Kayla & Ally were there, it was all fine! Ally & Kayla were trying so hard to teach Libby how to jump! What are friends for?


The Cissells said...

Sophia sure loves having Wibby in her class. She looks forward to it all week. They pretty much look like the next Olympic team in their red, white, and blue.