Saturday, October 25, 2008

Boo at the Zoo

Saturday, since the boys were gone, Jill and I decided to go to the zoo to meet the Cissells. After an unusually long trip to the zoo (I'll spare you the trip details), we arrived with only 27 minutes to get some candy and see a few characters (we had to be back on the road by 6:00 in order to make our next stop on time). Here, Princess Libby (Sleeping Beauty) awaits to enter the zoo. Libby and Livy (Kayla's cousin).
Livy with the two prettiest Snow Whites in the zoo!We stopped for a photo op next to a Dwarf (you may notice the turtle from one of the partners at Gary's firm in the background). By this time, Jill and I were absolutely cracking up... I was pushing the stroller (you'll note we were in too big of a hurry to get Libby out of it for any photos!) and Jill was holding the girl's hands. We were (at some point) literally running--zooming in and out of wagons and strollers toting pumpkins, monsters and princesses. We skipped many of the candy booths in order to make it thorough in our allotted 27 minutes. The girls were such troopers during out "Zoo Trip on Speed". Kayla and Livy ran as fast as their little legs would carry them! Here they are with Belle from Beauty and the Beast (when you only have time for 1 picture, we don't guarantee that everyone--or anyone--would be looking at the camera).

Common----you didn't really think you'd make it through an entire blog entry without seeing a picture that I edited with my new program, did you?

Kayla & Libby with Cinderella. Well, we didn't make it in the allotted 27 minutes (we would have if we didn't get called out by the zoo keeper for going the wrong way), but we did have a really good time and made it to Mama Sandy's before the actives began. As for the Cissells, we zoomed past them (and the sweetest little flower that I have ever seen) on our way out of the zoo.



Darn zoo keeper, she knew everything was that way.