Saturday, August 1, 2009

Kitchen Nightmares

For those of you all who had never seen my "old" kitchen, these pictures might not impress you so much! My old kitchen was right out of the 1970's...complete with green cabinets and a stained glass window. Luckily, when we moved into our house, 4 year ago, we painted the cabinets, but left everything else just the same. Our counters were white with green and gold specks and like I mentioned, there was an orange, green, blue and yellow stained glass window covering. Very retro. I am pleased to report the transformation!I spent one entire weekend painting the cabinets, re-finishing all of the hardware (as you can see, that's a lot!) and painting the walls. With a new counter top, a new pantry door, a new light fixture (bye-bye 1980's mirrored light) our kitchen looks like it finally belongs in this decade! We still need a few "finishing touches", but are proud of the finished product!