Sunday, February 4, 2007

Colts defeat Da'Bears!

As everyone who reads my Blog knows, the Colts played in the Superbowl on Sunday to defeat Da'Bears! Gary and I got Libby her very first Cheer leading outfit and I couldn't resist snapping a few pictures of her before the party began. Here, Gary patiently poses with Libby & I for a perfect blogging and scrap booking picture!

Libby is crawling everywhere! She takes off and will be in the kitchen or in the hall before we notice that she is not playing on her blanket anymore! I caught her in this picture trying to pull the pictures off of the TV cabinet in the living room! She doesn't look guilty, does she?

Gary & I hosted a small Super Bowl Party. We were so glad that several people were able to attend (we understand that there were a lot of parties to choose from!) As always it was great to get together...well, I don't know if I should use the term "together" since most of the guys stayed downstairs to watch the game while the girls were with the kids upstairs, but none the less, we had a great time, great food, great company...did I mention that we have great friends?! Above, Sophia pulls down her lip to show me the two teeth that she has, as Libby has a stunned look on her face. I don't know what that was all about!

Cory and Sophia with her 1/2 time winnings. She took home $25 for having the 1/2 time score! That can buy a few packs of diapers!

I love this one! Allie and Kayla love to eat puffs at my house. I give them each their own container with lids so they can carry them around. Kayla took it upon herself (she is so grown up) to pour some more in her bowl, causing a huge overflow. She looked up at me and with the cutest little smile said, "I made a mess". I couldn't help but laugh! I am sure the girls had sick bellies when they got home from all of the puffs that they consumed. Look far left in this picture...Lilly is looking in the empty puff container thinking, "What the...?"

Sophia, Libby & TJ pose for a shot. Well, just TJ posed, the girls act pissed. They are all just 3 weeks of each other in age. I am sure that the time is going to come when Sophia & Libby fight over who is TJ's girlfriend.

What get together is complete without a group photo of the kiddos? TJ, Lilly, Kayla, Sophia, Allie & Libby were all good sports for this picture!

Dena & her beautiful boy, TJ. Aren't TJ's eyes killer?

Thanks, guys for coming! We had a great time!