Sunday, February 4, 2007

Cousin Josie's 4th Birthday

Wow! Check out that Cake! Gary's sister's little girl, Josie, celebrated her "Golden Birthday" Sunday, turning 4 on the 4th. She had a princess birthday party at Angie & Kevin's new house.

This picture makes me laugh for two reasons. First off, I think it is funny that it is a picture of all of the kids around the table...AND GARY. It just makes me laugh that he posed for the shot, too. Secondly, if you notice, Josie (Wearing the Pink shirt with head down in center) is upset because she loved her birthday cake and didn't want to cut it...she wanted to save it for next year. We couldn't get her to even crack a smile during "Happy Birthday" let alone blow out a candle! She'll look back one day and laugh.

I don't know what Gary's Dad is telling Libby in this picture, but she sure is interested in hearing what he had to say!