Saturday, February 24, 2007

Our First Swim Lesson

We started our first swim lessons this morning at the YMCA. After a failed attempt last week, Libby was pumped to learn "The Wheels on the Bus" like all of the big kids. Here she was waiting for the lessons to begin.

Before the lessons started, Libby admired Kayla's super cute Strawberry Shortcake Suit! She loved the flower on the top!

Speaking of so cute suits, check out Sophia in her bikini! Poor Sophia had been sick the past few days, but with the temperature under control, gathered the strength to do "Humpty Dumpty Sat on the Wall" and swim like a champ! She loved to float with the noodle tied around her!

Look close and see Libby showing off her two new teeth! Tooth number two is starting to break thru, too, this week!

Here, Kayla floats on the big fish, just seconds away from a potential melt-down. She was such a big girl this week in the pool with JP! Before she got started, she told me, "I'm going to swim!" which is a big improvement from last weeks, "I don't like swim lessons!". She did awesome!

I don't know who was having more fun in this picture, Mommy or Libby.

TJ is so laid back...he just goes with the flow and was swimming like such a big kid! Here, his mommy, Dena, is cheering for his big sister, Lilly!

Our word for the week is "DaaDaa". Of course, Libby does not relate "DaaDaa" with Gary, yet, but we are working on it. Here, she poses after lessons with her DaaDaa.

I had a cute group shot of all of us sitting on the side of the pool before we started lessons, but I cannot bring myself to post it---exposing my pasty white legs and baby weight is not something I'm ready to do, yet. Thanks, Shannon for taking to the YMCA lady! She was telling her about how crowded our class is (11 children with parents is a lot!), next week, we are all moving to our own class with just the six of us---Kayla, Lilly, TJ, Allie, Libby & Sophia. It'll be awesome to have the whole class to ourselves!