Sunday, February 25, 2007

The Wheels on the "TumbleBus" go Round & Round

This afternoon, Libby & I gave Gary some quiet time (for last minute studying for his bar this week) and went to Lilly's 2nd birthday party! It was so much fun to hang out with all of Libby's friends. TJ could hardly contain himself when he saw Libby! They are just 2 weeks apart in age and love having someone their age to play with!

The Tumblebus arrived just as we finished playing in Lilly & TJ's big Blow-Up-Bouncy-Thingy in the basement. For those of you who do not know, a Tumblebus is a gutted out school bus, with tumble mats, slides, trampolines and games.

JP was busy pretending to drive the bus, when we came up with the idea to buy our own old bus, gut it out, and deck it out with our own furnishings. Ideas, names and most importantly, funding are all still pending.

Kayla going down the slide while the other kids play on the trampoline.

After it is all over, the kids get their own medals that say, "winner" on them. JP is a winner, too!

After Lilly opened all of her presents we sang Happy Birthday and cut into her beautiful Princess cakes! Happy Birthday, Lilly! And don't worry....a few more months of peer-pressure and your mommy will start her own blog, too!



I love the fact that this blog is about the children and you have two pictures of my husband on this post!

thebanetfamily said...

Yeah, well, isn't he a child, Jill? I mean, really! He was (and always is) quite the entertainment!