Friday, March 2, 2007

Friday night Fun

We went to the K of C Fish Fry on Friday. It doesn't take much arm twisting to convince us to drink beer and eat something fried. Libby enjoyed her peas (and heart glasses, complements of Lilly's 2nd Birthday party) before we left.

During dinner, Allie asked us to come over to her house and play for a while. We all love going to Allie's because she has more toys than Toys R Us! The bigger girls thought it was big fun to sit in the blow up jumper while it was filling with air.

Shannon got out Allie's "TJ BearyTales" doll. This is like a "Teddy Rumpkins" that many of you may remember from our generation. It is a talking, moving teddy bear that tells a story. Libby was talking back to it and was so entertained! She made this animal-like "ohhh" while it was reading to her!
Shannon got in on the action by bringing out her "Teddy Rumpkins". She was entertained, too, but didn't make any sort of fun noise.

Allie and Kayla spent a big part of the evening playing with the Dry Erase Marker Board. Libby couldn't understand why she was too little for this toy.

Now we know! Blue marker on the nose! Check out those two bottom teeth!
Maybe they are just pointing to their noses, too.
Thanks for a fun evening!