Saturday, March 3, 2007

Catch a Wave

Libby had her second "official" swim lesson today (remember, we messed up on the time for the 1st week). She wore her Polka-Dot Bikini and seemed to like it even more this time. Here were were sitting on the side of the pool doing the "this is the way we wash our arms" song. She was really getting into it and clapping along.

Our lesson for the day was to learn how to go under water. The trick, they told us, was to blow in their face really hard, which would make them hold their breath, then dunk them. We practiced getting just our mouths under the water, first. Libby liked to lick up the water like a puppy. I guess she gets that from Killians & Tucker!

We sang "The Wheels on the Bus go Round & Round" to practice what we were going to do in the water with our arms. Kayla was really getting into it!

Allie waiting to jump into the pool to her daddy, Goob, during the "Alligator" song.

Libby learning to float on her two fish. She liked to kick her "wee-wee's" out of the water. We really enjoyed having our own class to ourselves this week!