Sunday, March 11, 2007

A 'Grape' day to swim!

We had swimming lessons again today for Spring Break reasons. If you are not a teacher, a student or have a child in school, it is simply just another week, but we happily made our way to the YMCA so the kiddos could splash & swim! Before lessons started, TJ & Libby took a moment to review yesterday's lesson.
We blew bubbles from the side of the pool to teach the older kids how to blow bubbles in the water. I think this was the first time Libby had seen bubbles...she was very interested in watching them float. She was trying to catch them and clapping her hands! Oh yeah, thanks, Nonna for the grape swimsuit! It was so cute!

I love this picture Gary took (he is our weekly photographer). We sang the "Motor Boat" song and blew bubbles in the water. Libby likes them splashing her face. She took a moment to pose for the camera.
The noodles were a big hit again. We tied them around the little ones and let them float and "swim". Libby really has the kicking reflex to swim to get toys. The instructor told us today that with little ones that cannot walk yet have that instinct because they are used to kicking their legs to craw to get around. Makes since, doesn't it?

I was so proud of Allie this week! She seemed to love the water and is seen here floating with Kevin! Next week is our last lesson and Libby has her first graduation. Stay tuned!



Thanks for the foot notes on what we missed! I love sick kids!

CoryC said...

We missed you guys yesterday. These colds may be the death of the Cissell family. I can't wait until next week though.