Saturday, March 10, 2007

Water Logged

Libby had her 4th Swimming Lesson today! She really enjoys it and I can tell that she is actually learning how to kick her feet and move her arms to swim! It won't be long until she can practice her new skills this summer on the lake!

We let the kids play with toys in the water. It teaches them to reach and work to get the toys. The adults think it is great fun to squirt an unsuspecting parent with a animal toy. Sometimes I have to ask myself who is having more fun in the pool!

We continued to practice going under the water. Libby is a really good sport about it and does not cry. During one song, we place them on the side of the pool and let them jump to us. Libby is always the last to get in because she likes to watch the other kids jump to their parents, and then she closes her eyes and leans forward to me. She is quite the little dare-devil.