Wednesday, April 25, 2007

It's Hard to be Neat...When you're learning to eat!

Mmmm...Chicken & Noodle dinner for supper tonight! When we feed Libby her meals, we give her a spoon of her own to hold while we are shoveling the food in. Usually, she just plays with it, drops it and gags herself with it, but it is suppose to help teach her to feed herself. Tonight, she showed so much interest in feeding herself, that I let her go. She was dipping the spoon in her bowl, and scooping it to her mouth. As you can see, she missed a little, but like I said's hard to be neat, when you're learning to eat!!!

As you might guess, our next stop was the bathtub! Libby loves to take a bath and will play with her ducks until her fingers & toes start to shrivel and we make her get out. No one knows this better than my mom who has "Nonna Night" every Thursday night. Mom feeds Libby and gives her a bath (while making Gary and I dinner---how does she do it????).