Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Birthday (Pan)Cake

Libby's Cousin Keaton turned 9 years old today! For his birthday dinner, he chose The IHOP for Pancakes, instead of Birthday Cake! Here Libby is pictured with her cousins Keaton, Carson and her "almost-cousin" Sidney. Libby was such a good girl thru most of dinner and enjoyed the bites of eggs and ham that mommy gave her!
The IHOP waiter announced to everyone that it was Keaton's Birthday and we all clapped!

Including Libby!

Libby & her Mimi!

As luck would have it, our friends Cory, Amy & Sophia decided to dine at The IHOP tonight, too. You know what they say about great minds....

On a completely unrelated side-note, a special shout-out to my friends Amy R. and Sherry for taking my stitches out yesterday! Both are avid Blog readers, and I wanted to publicly thank them for the minor surgery that they preformed on me while on the clock at work! **Note**socks and hardwood floors do not mix!!!