Saturday, June 2, 2007

Game Night

Before tonight's game, we went over to Chad & Michelle's house for a drink to get ready for our upcoming defeat. Libby and Jackson flirt a while.
Libby loved their swing-set. She laughed the entire time. We hope to get ours set up at the camp next weekend so she can enjoy it there!
Stretching before the game. Old folks are more susceptible to pulled muscles and injuries, you know.
Libby was one of our cheerleaders. We played the best team in the league....and we are currently the worse team in the league, so as you can image, we got killed. In fact, they called the game with 15 minutes left because we were getting beat so bad. The other team was awesome, but had a lot of big-mouths that didn't seem to like JP's comments while he was catching (which is actually the reason we love JP as catcher). It was all in good fun until one of the hot-shots from the other team said something mean about our kids...I screamed at him, broke down in tears, and the fun of the game was over. Like I said before, they can talk about our team and Jean-Paul all they want, but they start talking about our kids and it's war!!

We went back to Chad & Michelle's after the game for a few drinks and so the kids could play more on the swings. Shannon was on swing duty all night.

Kayla thought Libby looked thirsty.

Cute photo of sister-in-laws Sarah & Michelle.



not only are old people prone to pulled mussels, but pulled oysters and clams, too.