Friday, June 15, 2007

Our Second Family

After the zoo, Amy & I stopped by work to visit some of our friends that were working, so that they could see the girls. Here, Maureen is holding the dynamic duo (look hard to see Julie posing in the back!)

Maureen is like an older sister! She gives us advice on our problems and we listen to hers. I often think of my work friends like family because we spend so much time together and we have this amazing bond that nobody would ever understand. Maybe it is true what people say about 4K being "clicky". Sophia loved Mo! She kept reaching for her and cuddling with her!
Lina & Libby
Libby studying Julie's name tag. She looks so serious.
We wanted to see Amy R, who was busy training to be relief charge, but only got to visit for a few minutes! She was having a very busy day!